Prepare for AEP 2023

Prep for AEP 2023 Success With This Checklist

Aug 9, 2022

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) 2023 is around the corner. For brokers who offer Medicare products, it’s an important time to reach out to current and potential clients and provide them with information about Medicare plans that may be right for them. AEP begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th – meaning there’s only 54 days to fit it all in!

The best way to survive? Being prepared and organized. See our 2023 Broker’s checklist for the 5 things to focus on to make the most of the Medicare AEP.

Review and Select Carrier Plans

Take some time to review the carriers and plans in your portfolio. When reviewing carriers, familiarize yourself with their application, plans, benefits, and any other helpful tools offered.

Don’t forget to remember your current and prospective clients’ needs to ensure you can provide them with the best options possible. Keep the plans your clients have been loving, and also consider diversifying your portfolio with other products, and large and small brands.

AGA Agents: Use our Medicare quote engine to review plans and find competitive options in your area.

Make Sure You’re Ready To Sell

“Ready to sell” means you have completed all of the requirements needed to sell Medicare products. These requirements include passing the AHIP certification and completing all individual carrier contracts and certifications.

Complete Carrier Certification

It is important to get certifications completed ahead of time to ensure you are ready to sell with the carriers and plans you wish to offer.

AGA Agents: Find carrier specific certification instructions in our agent portal or contact a member of our broker service team to ensure you are on the right path and ready to sell for AEP.

Pass AHIP Exam

The AHIP certification is a two-part course that is required for all agents who wish to sell Medicare. The certification is put in place to ensure agents are Medicare compliant.  The cost of the 2023 AHIP certification is $175 however, you can get a discount by being an AGA agent!

Agents can be reimbursed $125 for the cost of completing AHIP when using AGA’s unique link. In addition to:

  • Receiving an automatic $50 discount
  • No longer having to send AHIP certification to AGA
  • Eligibility for full reimbursement with FIVE qualified Medicare Advantage applications during the 2023 AEP*

You must complete your AHIP certification to sell during AEP.

Develop a Marketing Plan

While you can’t market or sell for AEP to clients until October 1st, that doesn’t mean you need to delay your sales and marketing strategy. Get ahead of the game by:

  • Defining your target market. Be specific. Instead of just “Medicare beneficiaries”, think of married couples or those turning 65 or with chronic health conditions.
  • Knowing your audience. What are their interests? What do they read, watch? What are their primary concerns? Who do they follow on social media?
  • Researching your competitors. What are they doing that you aren’t? How is your niche different from theirs? How can you outshine them?
  • Getting your marketing channels compliant. Get your ads, websites, handouts, presentations (any marketing material) approved in advance so there aren’t any delays when it’s mission critical time.
  • Calendar and plan your marketing events.
  • Connecting with current clients to review their current year plan benefits. Note, you can only discuss their current year, but in doing so, you will learn about what their needs are and have a warm call to make come October 1.
  • Educating your audience on when AEP is and what happens during that time.

Take Advantage of AGA Resources and Marketing Tools

AEP is the time of year when it really pays off to partner with an FMO. A great FMO should have resources and support to set you up for success during AEP.

AGA partners have access to a wide range of agent services such as:

  • Marketing Department
  • Event Reporting & Coordination
  • Agent Portal & CRM with Online Enrollment
  • Coordinated Certification Training & Support
  • Commission Team
  • Compliance & Allegation Support
  • Submission Department
  • Contracting Team

Need Help Preparing for AEP 2023?

Find out how AGA can set you up for success!


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