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Medicare Agents!

Earn up to $400 per sale in marketing credits to build your Medicare business.

In our session you’ll learn more about:

  • AGA’s Marketing Dollar Program
  • Making your budget go further
  • Ways to invest your marketing dollars
  • Tools and technology to build your lead and client base

Most importantly:

  • You’ll learn about being in business for yourself, not by yourself.
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Upcoming Sessions

Wed, April 9

11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

Wed, April 9

11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

Wed, April 9

11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AGA?
AGA is a national organization that represents major Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug products in the market. Our mission is to take administrative duties off your desk and help you focus more on what you do best, selling.
I’m not currently selling Medicare products. Can I still join?
Yes! This session is for anyone who is interested in building their book of business with Medicare products or looking for resources to help them grow. Whether you are brand new to Medicare sales or a 20-year veteran, we can help!
How can AGA help my agency?
When you become a partner, our proprietary technology and team members help streamline all of your administrative processes to more effectively provide solutions that have been proven to increase profits., all the while eliminating your administrative overhead costs.
Am I a captive agent with AGA?
No. Your book of business is just that, YOUR book of business. We never take your clients; they are ALWAYS yours to keep even if you decide to leave us.
How much will it cost me?
AGA’s services and benefits are at NO COST to you and you never have to repay co-op dollars. However, all prospect partners MUST be licensed in their resident state, and be in good standing with the DOI.
Rachel Brown, AGA Agent

“As I get ready for my 6th AEP, I am so excited to be under AGA! I have never been treated so well as an agent and sometimes I can’t believe just how supportive AGA has been.”

— Rachel Brown

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