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Our History as a Field Marketing Organization

Twenty years ago, AGA, Inc. launched what has now become the largest Medicare-focused Field Marketing Organization (FMO) nationwide. Our guiding principle throughout the ever changing healthcare landscape is to empower our brokers and agencies with the best training and latest strategic tools to succeed.The effectiveness of our service model is measured by nearly fifty carrier partners and thousands of agents we are honored to serve.

What You Can Expect from Us: The AGA Difference

AGA is dedicated to helping agencies and brokers build their best business. We operate with the utmost integrity to deliver an unparalleled level of independent agent support. By choosing AGA as your FMO, we promise to deliver these results for your agency:

No Premium Plan Offerings

With AGA, you can offer your clients any plan from our wide selection. No premiums. No quotas. We want to ensure your clients receive the best options for them.

Own Your Own Book of Business

Not only do you receive top level commissions, you always own your book of business. Partnered agents also enjoy multiple pay cycles per month.

Technology to Help

Snap and Submit, our mobile app based enrollment system, is a premier insurance tool with proven success to help you sell efficiently and effectively.

Co-Op Marketing Dollars

AGA truly partners with agents. This is evidenced through our co-op marketing program. We will consult with you to create a custom plan and cover 50% of your marketing costs.

Discover the Strategies our Top Agents Use to Grow their Book of Business from Empty to Oozing

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AGA Owner & President Patrick Rodriguez

“The AGA philosophy came to me while still an Independent Agent. That is: If you're helping, you're selling. If you're just selling, you may not be helping.”
–Patrick Rodriguez, 2016

Patrick Rodriguez

Owner and President

Patrick has been navigating the ins-and-outs of the independent agent marketplace for over 30 years. He founded AGA in 1993 with the intention of providing unprecedented value to overworked agents who had more obligations than time. With the support of a full back-office team, Patrick knew he had the vision and tools to make quality agents even more successful. By always striving for innovation and increased levels of service, he has kept AGA at the forefront of the industry, all while inspiring AGA employees to maintain the highest levels of integrity and dedication to our client’s success.

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