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Medicare leads are the lifeblood of an independent broker’s business. With 81.5 million Medicare enrollments projected by 2030, the Medicare market is a good place to be. The challenge is getting exclusive insurance leads for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Turning 65 clients.
At AGA, we have several successful Medicare lead channels that have empowered brand new and seasoned agents to dramatically scale their business in just a few short years!

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Partnering with AGA opens up a world of possibilities for your business! Our cutting-edge lead generation programs are designed to deliver top-notch results, providing you with high-quality, exclusive Medicare insurance leads in real-time including:

Medicare Advantage leads

Medicare Supplement leads

Turning 65 leads

AEP leads

Unlock a Flood of High-Quality Medicare Leads with AGA’s Proven Lead Generation Strategies

Digital Leads 

Rev up your sales with high-quality leads, generated from quote requests and appointment scheduling forms online. Many of our insurance agents have raved about these leads because they come in hot and ready to convert! By receiving them in real-time, you get the competitive edge of being the first to connect with potential clients. Don’t wait for leads to come to you – take the initiative and boost your business with our internet leads program!

Direct Mail Leads

Maximize your marketing efforts by targeting your ideal demographic through tailored business reply cards or personalized direct mail pieces. At AGA, we extend our bulk discounts to our agents, and as an added benefit, we offer a generous 50% co-op marketing program. This program enables our agents to receive 50% of their marketing costs, ensuring that they can effectively promote their business without breaking the bank. Check out how much you can save on a direct mail campaign with AGA:

Check out how much you can save on a co-op direct-mail campaign with AGA!

  • $600 – Standard cost of 1,000 pieces of direct mail
  • $480 – Cost of 1,000 pieces of direct mail with AGA’s discount
  • $240 – Your TOTAL cost with discount and our 50% co-op program

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Get Exclusive Medicare Leads

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Our events team puts you in front of prospects in your community. From live events, to virtual events, we have it all! Find what works for you and be the face of Medicare in your community!

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Get 50% of Your Marketing Budget Covered!

Bring us any marketing or lead collection ideas and we’ll make them happen! From TV to radio, or billboards and print advertising, we’ll support you in whatever endeavor you have in mind to collect leads plus we’ll pay for 50% of the cost of advertising or marketing.

Imagine the transformative power of a high-priced radio endorsement ad that has the potential to catapult your sales to new heights. It’s a scenario that many agents dream of, but often find themselves held back by budget constraints. At AGA, we believe in your vision and are willing to share the financial burden by splitting the bill. The results? Absolutely phenomenal!

Take a look an AGA agent experienced a remarkable surge in sales with the 50% off Co-Op Marketing Program.

Get Exclusive Medicare Leads

The need for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans is large now and will continue to grow. If you are ready to get exclusive Medicare leads by being in the right place at the right time, we would love to discuss and support your marketing and advertising strategies.

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