Get 50% of Your Medicare Marketing Paid For

We Pay Half Your Advertising Bill

We pledge to propel your career forward. That’s why we offer unparalleled marketing resources to help grow your customer base—and we pay half the bill.

With AGA as your partner, you benefit from:

Ads, emails and brochures tailored to your specific needs, at no cost, so you can focus on selling and growing.

Vast sales support with free multi-channel marketing plans readily available, including blog posts, semi-annual publications and important “follow-up” messages sent right to you.

Complimentary local event alerts conveniently provided, maximizing occasions to be at the forefront with clients.

Accessible promotional opportunities, with 50% of your co-op advertising dollars paid for:

  • Traditional Media (print and radio ads)
  • Digital Media (web ads)
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Special Events

Benefit from AGA’s comprehensive package of personalized selling tools that give you a competitive edge, with the convenience of rapid in-house medicare marketing support, at an unmatched low cost.

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