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Commissions Frequently Asked Questions

When does AGA issue out commissions?
AGA pays out commissions on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month. If the paid date falls on a weekend or holiday, commissions will be issued on the prior business day.
When should I expect to be paid commissions?
Commissions are usually paid out 30-45 days after the member’s effective date.
What happens if I don’t get paid?
If commissions are not paid for whatever reason, AGA will follow-up with the carrier on your behalf. Status updates are available in your agent portal.
Does AGA offer direct deposit?
Yes. Direct deposit takes about 6-8 weeks to set up.
What is new to Medicare commissions?
New to Medicare commissions (also known as ‘True-Up’) is additional commission that is paid if the member has never been on a prior MAPD plan with any carrier.
What is new to plan commissions?
New to plan commissions is commission that is paid regardless of the member’s prior enrollment.
What is renewal commission?
Renewal commissions are monthly payments that are paid out if the member continues to be enrolled in the plan after the effective calendar year.
What is a rapid disenrollment period?
The rapid disenrollment period is usually 90 days; however it can vary depending on carrier. No commissions are due if the member cancels their plan during the rapid disenrollment period.
What carriers pay direct?
Aetna, Humana, SCAN and UnitedHealthcare as well as most Life & Medicare Supplement carriers all pay your commissions directly to you.
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