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Contracting Responses

Contracting and Certification Basics

  • To review your contracting, statuses please log on to your AGA portal and review My Account > Contract & Certs
  • Send 5.6 requests to to avoid delays
  • Certification instructions are in your AGA portal under Sales Tools > My Sales Tools > Certification
  • If you need assistance with certifications, please reach out to
  • Send copies of your certifications, license and E&O to

Waiting Period (Release/Transfer)

Notice of Intent Waiting Period
I would not recommend to write business during the waiting period of 90 days. I believe the 90 days will restart again if he writes business. Whoever he is under at the time of written business is where the override will go to. Aetna pays agents direct, typically. I cannot speak on the Book of Business. That depends on what kind of appointment he has with his current agency. Each agency has their own procedure. He would have to speak to them.


If the agent has written business in the last 90 days, a release letter or Notice of Intent is needed.
If the agent has not written business in the last 90 days, a new contract can be submitted under AGA without the release required.

Contracting New Agents

New Agent requests (agents who are not in GAIN) go to Agents who are in GAIN go to Stephanie processes the non-GAIN agents and will provide information as needed to those agents.

Updating Certification Status

Certification temps are trained to save the certification copies. They do not approve agent’s statuses. Chanel and Yen refer to the carriers’ reporting to approve agents.
When an agent emails their copy of the completed certification, what is the estimated time the agent should expect to see it approved?
The timing depends on when the carrier reporting is received. We try to do it weekly and less frequent during our busier months.

What are some common issues as to why agents don’t see their status updated?
There are multiple variables as to why the agent is not approved or updated. They may not be under our downline, haven’t completed their contracting and/or certifications.

If the agent status is “Pending Contract,” how does that affect their status if they have completed the certification (and contract) and submitted it?
There are carriers that allow certifications to be completed prior to the contracting paperwork. It affects their statuses if BOTH are not completed. We cannot approve the agent if they are missing either one of those requirements.

Difference between Contracting and Certs Email

Please refer your questions to The certs email is for certification updates only.

Adding State License

We contract agents in the states they requested with the DOI license and 5.6s. It does not transfer appointments without the request. The 5.6s notify Contracting the agent are requesting the carriers and accepting the fees that may be charged at the appointment request. We do not automatically submit appointments. For the FL appointment for UHC, it’s $300 and we do not want to assume agents will accept that fee if they are not going to write business. The fees are non-refundable.

I’ll put this in the queue for processing. For future requests, please provide the agent’s DOI license and 5.6 for processing. If you do not see a 5.6 available in the K drive or portal, you can provide us the carrier list via email with the agent’s permission in place of the 5.6.

To add a carrier or add a state with AGA, please complete the attached form and return it to Please allow 7-10 business days for the Contracting Department to process your request.

Depending on the carriers you selected, AGA will be completing your contracting for you OR you will be required to complete your own contracting OR you will first need to complete certification. Please keep an eye out for carrier emails asking you to complete contracting. Certification instructions are in your AGA portal under Sales Tools, My Sales Tools then Certification. If you are unsure, please check your contracting status for the carrier in question in your AGA portal and review My Account then Contract & Certs.

As a friendly reminder:
All brokers MUST BE appointed, certified, product trained and in good standing with the carrier and Applied General Agency prior to marketing and selling any Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. Any brokers that are not appointed, certified, product trained and/or do not meet the requirements for marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D plans prior to the sale will not be credited for the sale. There will be absolutely no exceptions. If you have questions as to whether or not you are fully ready to sell, please contact us at 800-498-6880.

Agency/Corporation Contract

We will need the following documents, please send all in one email to for processing.

  • Assignment of commissions
  • W-9
  • Corporate license issued by DOI
  • E&O with the corporation’s name listed on policy
  • Void Check if applicable
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