A Broker’s Life After AEP (2024 Agent Strategy Tips)

Jan 25, 2024

Congratulations on making it through another Medicare AEP! Now that you’ve had a few weeks to celebrate your enrollments and breathe, we can refocus. Now is the time to start planning your sales strategy for Q1. Not sure where to start? Keep reading!

Reflect on the Data

If you haven’t already, now is the time to reflect on results. Make some evaluations and notes on the things that went well, the strategies that paid off, and the ones that could use some refining.

To review your successes during AEP, consider:

  1. How many leads did you get? 
  2. Where did those leads come from?
  3. How much money did you spend on marketing and advertising?
  4. How many events did you run?
  5. Which ads and events fostered the best leads?
  6. How do the results compare to your goals?

If some of your goals fell short, that’s ok. There are always ways to improve:

  1. Evaluate your cost per lead. Is it reasonable?
  2. What are some channels you think could have fostered more leads?
  3. What was the biggest time suck?
  4. What can you delegate out next AEP so you can be selling more?

Make notes on your results. Dig into the data to see:

  1. What your sales results are.
  2. How you can better serve your clients.

Total Medicare Advantage Enrollment 2007 - 2023

Customer Management After AEP 

As Medicare Enrollments continue in the new year, you need to have a system for following up with clients. When you get someone signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan, be sure to let them know that they can get in touch with you if they have problems with the plan.

DO – Ask them the best way you can follow up with them.

DO – Make a note to remember if they prefer a call, email, text, or something in the mail. This is another way to show you respect your clients and build trust with them.

DON’T – Fall through with your commitment to follow up. Some brokers don’t think they need to follow up with clients. They believe clients will get in touch if they are unhappy with their plan. That is true of some people, but others will simply find a new agent. By following up early, you can retain your clients. You’ll also build a reputation for giving great customer service. Clients will be more likely to recommend you to their family and friends.

Follow the Rules of Engagement

There are several strict rules around communication about the Medicare Advantage outreach during this time of year. Here’s what’s ok to do and say:

  • What you can do is check in with clients and ask them how their current plan is working for them.
  • If a client verbalizes dissatisfaction and wants to change, at that point you can discuss their options. They might say that their doctor isn’t in their new plan, ask for information on other plans in their area or about keeping their current plan for the whole year. Or, they might ask directly about a way they can switch coverage.
  • Once they have expressed their unhappiness with their plan, you can let them know about their options.

Unsure about Medicare compliance?

Our expert compliance department can help.

Organize Your Outreach

Additional follow-ups provide value few brokers deliver once the AEP concludes. Take time to go over your client notes and organize your outreach accordingly. 

  • Make a spreadsheet or document with clients’ names, their current plan, their preferred contact method, and any other information that you want to remember.
  •  If you have it on paper, create a filing system so you can access the information easily.
  • Decide on how many clients you will contact each day so you can get to them all. 

A good strategy will help you provide great customer service and also keep you from feeling too overwhelmed. 

Don’t Forget to Take a Little “You Time”

There’s no denying that brokers can feel exhausted at the end of the AEP. It’s vital that you take time to tend to your own health and well-being when the enrollment period is over. Do not sit at your desk for extended periods of time without getting up to stretch and rotate your neck and shoulder positions. Eat nourishing foods and bring some healthy snacks to get you through the long day rather than getting junk food. At home, relax by watching a movie with your family or friends. Stay off your phone as much as you can. Prioritize your sleep, too. If you have neglected your workout routine just to survive, get recommitted.

Get Support From a Partner 

Overall, it’s a balanced approach sets the stage for a prosperous year ahead in the world of independent agent success. Need support in your agent strategy? Whether you’re new to the industry and looking for a solid place to learn and grow, a veteran inundated with an administrative load, or an agency seeking reliable Medicare insurance agent support, we can help you reach your goals. Reach out anytime. 



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