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Insurance Client Relationships: What Beneficiaries Really Want in a Medicare Agent

Aug 19, 2016

The age-old question—what do your customers really want?
Well, the answer isn’t that difficult, really. You’re a customer. What do you want in your service providers?

Quick solutions? Trust? Friendliness?

For positive client relationships, all those things are important and more. Read on to see what Medicare beneficiaries are really looking for in insurance agent.


Medicare beneficiaries are living on a fixed income. They don’t have the time or the money to mess around with their health coverage.

That’s why transparency is vital in insurance client relationships. With cases of fraudulent insurance agents, it’s no wonder why many are weary of brokers. It’s your job to get past that stigma and make your prospects feel comfortable with you.

Explain your value proposition of a trusted expert who knows Medicare, who’s there to save them the headache of navigating it alone. Show how you can get them the services they need at a cost that works for them.


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If done right, your transparency should be the foundation of a trusting agent-client relationship. Your client has to trust you. You want them to rely on you for Medicare expertise (and pass you on as a referral!).

You can create trustworthy client relationships by having a strong reputation. You’re more likely to bolster your credibility if you:

  • Are involved in community organizations and events.
  • Are easily found online (having an agent website, social media pages, published articles, etc.)
  • Have a strong referral network.

Your clients should always feel assured that you have their best interests in mind.


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Your Medicare expertise is your worth. Prove your worth by knowing what you’re talking about. We always encourage AGA agents to attend our Medicare training events to stay sharp, knowledgeable and competitive.

(Think you don’t need training? Wrong. See why.)

Be able to communicate plan differences easily. Understand carrier, plan and legal changes, and communicate them in a timely manner. Send them news articles and helpful resources as often as necessary (and useful).


The reason why Medicare beneficiaries want an agent to begin with is so there’s someone there to break things down for them.

Stay on top of Medicare and health news and send your clients articles you think could benefit them. Be available to answer questions. Send out a monthly newsletter. You can also use AGA’s many sales and marketing tools (designed with seniors in mind and made to help agents sell better) to better serve your clients.

Whatever method you choose, maintain your focus on always educating your clients.


Let’s face it—excellent service is hard to find. It’s easy to understand why memorable customer service fuels referrals. The more you invest in your client relationships and the harder your effort to be involved and available, the happier your clients will be.

Your annual benefit reviews are the bare minimum.

Embrace the idea of never-ending customer service. You can’t just disappear after the sale. Great agents should always be assessing their client’s needs no matter the time of year. Health situations and budgets change. Be ready to adapt to these changes with your clients and guide them to their best choice.

Take Away

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If you take one thing away from this post, have it be this: your clients want easy and reliable service.

By doing everything in your power to always offer that, you’ll be able to make your mark as a successful Medicare sales agent.

And remember—AGA has your back every step of the way.

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