Debunking Myths About AGA

Dec 19, 2019

As an independent insurance agent, selecting a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) is an important step to building your business. It can be a make or break decision. An ideal situation allows you to grow your business at a healthy rate, supports your administrative, marketing and sales needs, and provides regular training. A strong FMO allows you to plug into an already well-oiled machine that provides ample growth opportunities and empowers you to build a strong business without all the costly trial and error.

However, there are some inherent risks in selecting a FMO, such as surrendering part of your commission to pay for this type of support, a company keeping your book of business that you have spent countless grueling hours to build, or paying back any co-op dollars should you and a FMO decide to part ways.

We have seen some misinformation floating on the internet about AGA’s policy on some of these concerns. Perhaps, these rumors are stopping you form partnering with AGA. Let’s clear up a few myths.

Myth #1 – Is it true that AGA keeps some parts of an agent’s commission to cover services?
This is false! AGA never takes a dime from agent commission. AGA’s philosophy is, “You earned it, you keep it.” You work hard for your money, so you absolutely deserve to keep every penny that you make. Here at AGA, it is our job to make sure that you feel supported in your career as an agent. The commission you earn is 100% yours.

Myth #2 – Will you keep my book of business if I leave AGA?
No way! You will always own your book of business with AGA, even if you decide to leave us. This is a client and prospect list that you have created. You did the hard work in building your book, so you can take it with you if you ever choose to partner with another FMO. There are no strings attached. If at any time, and for any reason you part ways with us, then you still retain your book of business.

Myth #3 – I heard agents must be captive or repay the co-op money before they can be released.
Absolutely not! We don’t require agents to repay any invested co-op dollars. Whether you decide to retire, you have a family emergency and you need to leave the company, or you simply decide to partner with a different FMO, the money you invest is yours. This all comes back to our philosophy of you earned it, you keep it.

How would your life change if you had all the support and leads you needed for your business? Could you pay off debt? Save for kids’ or grandkids’ college funds? Work less? Travel? Retire sooner?

AGA is the only FMO who supports direct agents with uncapped, 50% co-op marketing with no yearly writing requirement. Penny for penny, AGA will match what you invest into your marketing plan. All we ask is you hold major carrier contracts in your area with us. There is so much opportunity in the Medicare marketplace. AGA’s reputation for innovation, honesty, and stellar service paired with your incredible salesmanship, adds up to a match made in heaven.

Get an exclusive look behind the curtain and find out how AGA can specifically help you build your business.


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