Choosing a Field Marketing Organization - FMO Comparison

Field Marketing Organization Comparison Checklist

Jun 24, 2016

So, you want to partner with a field marketing organization (FMO). Good choice. FMOs can provide key independent agent support to help fuel and grow a successful career in the insurance business—but not all FMOs are created equally. FMOs can vary in product offerings, sales and marketing services, and their level and quality support.

You’re probably wondering: How can I choose the right FMO for me? We’ll take you through the steps with our field marketing organization comparison checklist.

The Basics: What Does a Standard FMO Offer?

Field marketing organizations offer several benefits for independent agents. Overall, they distribute insurance products for independent agents to sell to clients, while also supporting agents through contracting, training, education and offering sales and marketing resources.
Most FMOs commonly offer:

  • Marketing tools
  • Lead opportunities
  • Sales support
  • Contract writing

Know What You Want from Your FMO.

The best way to choose the right FMO is to really understand what you need from them. Then, you can narrow down your list based on who can best serve those needs.

1. Consider the Career Stage You Are In.

If you’re a novice agent, the best FMO will:

  • Help build your career foundation.
  • Provide some guidance in learning the ropes.
  • Offer growth opportunities.

If you’re a more experienced agent, the right FMO will:

  • Provide admin support so you can have more time to sell.
  • Help you stay competitive.
  • Continue to educate you.
  • Provide adequate marketing support.
  • Get you quality leads.

2. Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

How strong are you at:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing to seniors
  • Building/promoting your personal brand
  • Sales strategy
  • Maintaining a competitive edge

Based on areas that you can improve on, you can determine the level of support you need and find an organization that will best suit your personal situation.

Who Can Take You to the Next Level?

Now that you know which FMOs can meet your basic needs, you need to select one based on who you think can take your career to the next level.

Consider the relationship you want with your FMO. Consider these key questions when comparing FMOs:

  • Experience: How long have they been an FMO? How have they grown since starting?
  • Expertise: Are they knowledgeable? Are they a leading FMO? What makes them a leading organization?
  • Innovation: What can they do to help you stay competitive?
  • Overall service: Are they available and responsive? Do you have all the resources you’ll need? How accessible are these resources?
  • Social proof: Take a look at online reviews to see what other agents are saying about your potential FMO partner.

All in all, an ideal field marketing organization will make you feel valued as an independent agent. If you and your chosen FMO are a right fit, you should feel secure in your day-to-day job activities, and feel positive about your career outlook.

Make the Comparison

See how you can succeed as independent agent at any stage in your career with AGA as your partner.


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