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Increase Your Medicare Prospects in 4 Ways

Aug 12, 2016

AGA is here to help grow your book of business. We know the main obstacle in selling Medicare products is the pool of Medicare prospects.

More than 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day.

Yes. We know they’re out there, but how can you capture them as leads and convert them into happy clients?

Well, there are some tried and true methods for expanding your client base, and some specific methods that prove beneficial for Medicare brokers. In this post, we’ll explain four effective ways to increase your Medicare prospects.

Have a Strategic Medicare Product Offering

The best way you’re going to expand your customer base is through portfolio diversification. If you’re continually selling Medicare Advantage plans to your immediate area, you’re going to see slim pickings.

The more Medicare products you sell (i.e.: Medicare Advantage + Medicare Supplement plans) means more potential people to prospect. That being said, know (we mean, really understand) your target markets and have a clear and defined strategy for selling Medicare products to each.

  • Who are you approaching for Medicare Advantage plans?
  • How does that approach differ from your strategy for selling Medicare Supplements?
  • Are you reaching your target at the right times? (Tip: Target life triggers—turning 65—a few months beforehand.)

Expand your Medicare Knowledge

And sharpen your sales skills. This has to be a continual effort if you want to remain competitive. AGA makes that easy with our many agent programs.

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Think you know it all already? Don’t be too hasty. First, give this post a chance: Why You Need Medicare Training (Even Though You Think You Don’t).

Build a Network of Senior-Focused Professionals

Who else works with seniors in your community? Find out and create a local group. Think financial advisors, lawyers, real estate agents/property managers, care givers, CPAs, etc.

This is win-win method all around—you get the opportunity to learn from others dealing with your local target market and can create a reliable network of referrals.

Create Opportunities to Delight and Impress

The power of referrals makes sense, especially in the health care industry. You want a Medicare agent you can trust, so positive word-of-mouth goes a long way.

Make your clients want to refer you. Brainstorm ways you can continually impress and delight customers and prospects.

Impress through:

Delight by:

  • Keeping up with benefit reviews to ensure clients are always receiving their benefits of choice whilst carrier services change.
  • Being available, communicative and genuine. Answer questions, send a yearly birthday card or just check in from time to time.
  • Sharing health tips and Medicare news with your clients. Our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages are all good sources for timely Medicare and senior-focused news you could share with your clients.

Time to get working! Let us know how you’re doing, and be sure to reach out to our Medicare team should you have questions.

What are your best methods for increasing your Medicare prospects? Leave a comment below!

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