How to Get More Medicare Leads Online Part 2

Jan 23, 2020

When you search your name into Google, what do you find?

An online presence reflects your professional reputation, and it matters today more than ever to get more Medicare leads online – even when marketing to baby boomers. Check out Part 1 of How to Get More Leads with Your Online Presence to get an idea of how much time seniors are spending on a computer. Keep reading to find out how you can leverage an online presence to sell more Medicare Advantage and Supplement policies (while remaining compliant and building trust with future customers).

The DIY Approach

First, creating an online presence is all about showing up in relevant searches and making those views count.

The goal of a good online presence? The visibility for someone to easily access your messaging, and the ability to provide relevant and useful content that makes your target want to contact you for more info. When done well, you get better quality Medicare leads using your online resources.

Now, there are three main ways you can achieve this:

Your Own Website: Having your own website makes you credible and accessible.

  1. Pro: When done right, a website can be a low-cost marketing investment with high ROI.
  2. Con: You need to drum up site traffic yourself. Medicare compliance also means you have to keep information generic – which means it may be hard to differentiate yourself.
  3. Tip: Let your personal voice shine with your website content. Think about what you can do (like educational Youtube videos) to put your brand on display and make generic content interesting and easy to digest. Teaming up with an FMO can also help ensure your site is compliant and always working to attract leads.

Social Media: After someone gets your contact info, this might be the first place they scope you out.

  1. Pro: When done right, this is an opportunity to showcase your Medicare knowledge and move leads down the pipeline to an eventual meeting and sale.
  2. Con: It may be hard to convey authenticity in your posts – and authenticity and security matters most to baby boomers.
  3. Tip: Keep your content strictly educational to create an authentic online presence, and trust with potential leads. Never reach out to potential leads with Facebook Messenger, since this goes against CMS rules. Use HMA-approved geo-targeted Facebook ads to promote educational events and/or content.

Local Resources: Your local Chamber of Commerce website, TV stations (which often cross-promote content on their websites and YouTube pages), online newspapers and Yelp are ideal online channels to consider in your marketing plan.

  1. Pro: These are perhaps the most credible sources you can benefit from.
  2. Con: While Yelp is any easy set-up, the other channels above are partnerships that will require a time investment to secure and maintain – but the benefits far outweigh the costs.
  3. Tip: Do some internet research, and even some basic cold calling to find partnership opportunities.

Medicare Compliance Online

It is also important to note that online Medicare marketing is the same as print, event and other marketing – all marketing messages and posts must be submitted and approved by carriers and CMS, and compliance must always be observed. When in doubt, always refer to the Medicare Marketing Guidelines.

FMO Support

Field Marketing Organizations provide great agent support. Teaming up with an FMO provides the best of both worlds – you’re still an independent agent, but you’re given the foundation you need to succeed, including:

  • A wide product offering
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Access to Medicare eads

AGA FMO Support

In short, AGA knows Medicare. Our 20 years of experience has been fueled by our dedication to independent agent excellence. Most importantly, here’s what an AGA partnership means to independent agents:

  • Unmatched sales and marketing resources: Training and certifications, plus collaboration on a custom marketing plan (including easy access to your agent website) – and then we’ll cover 50% of your marketing costs.
  • Competitive commissions: We provide you with multiple types of quality leads and event opportunities, and you get top-level commissions. You always own your book of business. Partnered agents also enjoy multiple pay cycles per month.
  • Products and partnerships: AGA is proud to offer nearly fifty plans and carriers nationwide, so you can give more options to your clients (whose needs are ever-changing). We also have medical group, doctor and facility partnerships for more opportunity.
  • Steadfast support: An expert compliance department, agent training, one-on-one assistance from certified and licensed sales staff and reliable management software.

Get Personalized Agent Support

Whether you’re a new agent looking for the right partner to get started with, or a seasoned agent looking for a fresh competitive edge, give AGA a call. We will work with you every step of the way to get more Medicare leads online and offline.


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