3 Reasons Veterans Thrive as Insurance Agents

Nov 11, 2021

As a veteran of the armed forces, finding a career after the military can be overwhelming and present a new variety of challenges to overcome. You may have never had to seek employment, create a resume, or go through the process of applying and interviewing.  You may be unsure of the best way to explain how your military training translates to a 9-5 job in the civilian workforce. You embody service, discipline, respect, and integrity. Do you want to smoothly transition into the civilian workforce but not sure where to begin? That is where a career as an insurance agent may be your perfect fit.

1. Flexibility in Schedule

Being a Veteran means you already had to spend time apart from your loved ones for your service. Being an independent insurance agent allows you to set your own schedule to make sure you are there for your loved ones. Because you are your own boss,you can make your own appointments with clients that work around your schedule, enabling you to create a better work-life balance. According to a study conducted by Owl Labs, individuals who had a better work-life balance reported being happier and staying in their jobs longer.

2. Clear Training and Roadmap

As veterans, you are used to intense structure and schedule. Having to create your own structure is typically one of the biggest concerns for veterans coming into the civilian workforce. With a career as an independent insurance agent, you are equipped with clear training and a roadmap to help you get your licensing and other certifications needed faster. As veterans you may be lacking degrees and certificates for other career paths. However with AGA’s clear-cut roadmap, you can reap the benefits of quick success.

3. Opportunities for Growth

You set the pace on how many clients you want to serve and how quickly you grow your client base. With over 11,000 people turning 65 each day, Medicare insurance continues to be a major opportunity. In addition, insurance agents can earn residuals on previous policies written which means income builds quickly year over year.That is why this career path could fill the need and provide you with a profitable career.

As a veteran, you are among an elite group of people who deserve extraordinary support for your service. Older adults are looking for trustworthy individuals to help them make sense of their insurance options. Who better to fill that void than you?! With the help of AGA, you can get the resources you need to jump start your career as an insurance agent. Our personalized approach gets agents earning more faster. Ready to learn more about how you can apply your skills to embark on a successful career job after the military, help others, and get paid for it? Schedule a 30 minute consultation today to determine if our program is the match-up you’ve been looking for to launch your civilian career.

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