Successful Insurance Agent - 5 Factors

5 Factors that Make a Successful Insurance Agent

Jun 10, 2016

As an independent agent, you drive your career. So—how do you make your mark in the competitive and fast-paced insurance landscape? See these 5 factors that make a successful independent insurance agent.

1. Knowledge

Your role as an insurance agent is to educate on your products. And with Medicare insurance, there’s a lot to know. The better you know and understand not only your own products, but your competitor products, the more successful you’ll be in selling them.

Your clients also look to you as a solid source of reliable information; The more know, the more you can offer. Knowing more means you can go above and beyond to serve your clients. You can carve out opportunities to become an invaluable go-to source.

A successful agent never stops learning about their industry or developing their skills. To stay on top of the an always evolving industry, check out all of AGA’s monthly training sessions.

2. Niche

A lot of the time, agents hold licenses for multiple types of insurance. It’s great to be knowledgeable in numerous areas, but to maximize your success as an independent agent, it’s recommended to focus the majority of your efforts on one type of insurance.

It’s okay to sell multiple types of products, but focus your energy on becoming an expert in one particular area. Having a niche that you specialize in will help you become the best in your field.

With AGA, you don’t have to spend time trying to find the top resources to keep yourself competitive. You can find reliable Medicare and independent insurance agent resources here on our blog. Sign up for our email list to never miss a post.

3. Passion

Passion is a must. Passion fuels success. Without passion for what you do, you won’t have the enthusiasm to learn and grow, or the motivation and perseverance to keep up in a driven field.

When it comes to sales, passion is what hooks your clients. If you love what you do, and believe in what you’re selling, your prospects will see that. Passion is the crux of trust, which is crucial in agent-client relationships.

AGA makes it easy to let your passion drive your career. We know that you love to sell—that’s why we provide support in getting your sale. See how to get 50% of your co-op marketing dollars paid for, so you can find new and innovative ways to impress and connect with prospects.

4. Branding

A successful insurance agent knows how to market themselves. As an independent agent, you’re in charge of your own business. That means knowing how to properly promote your brand—which is you.

The best way to effectively market your personal brand is to be hands-on when connecting with prospective clients. Make use of opportunities to utilize both personable strategies (networking events, community events, local groups, clubs, etc.), as well as other marketing tactics (social media, print and digital ads, etc.).

One of the benefits of having AGA as your FMO is the reduced overhead (we take time-consuming administrative tasks off your plate). We know you can better utilize your time building your brand and growing your business, so we alert you to any local opportunities to market yourself, network and prospect new clients.

5. Community Involvement

Community involvement ties into your branding. To succeed as an independent insurance agent, you’ll want to reach a point where leads are referred to you. That’s why you have to get yourself out there and be known—and where better to start than in your own community?

Seek out any and every opportunity to get involved in your local community. Look for chamber of commerce groups, community service groups, or even religious groups. Get more involved with your other hobbies so you can meet people off real connections and develop lasting relationships. That way, you’re building an authentic brand.

In summary, a successful insurance agent loves what they do, and always looks for ways to be better at it.

AGA takes every chance to support your success—see how to fuel a prosperous career as an independent insurance agent with AGA as your FMO partner.


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