5 Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas to Expand Your Local Visibility

Jul 8, 2016

Open enrollment is just around the corner. That means you’re probably looking for ways to revamp your marketing strategy and get new clients, right? The best way to get more sales for open enrollment is to expand your local visibility now. See how with our 5 insurance agent marketing ideas for local visibility.

5 Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas for Visibility

When it comes to successful prospecting, you have to consider the best way to connect with seniors and the best place to find them.

Participate in community events.

To dominate your local area, you have to be both present and active. Do you know what’s going on in your community? When’s the last time you participated in an event?

Connect with your local chamber of commerce, senior centers and club organizations to see what’s going on each month. You don’t have to have an agenda each time you attend these events, either. Just try and get to know people, and have some business cards on hand in case anyone is interested.

The goal is positioning and the point is to make yourself known and trusted in your community.

Connect through radio.

58 million baby boomers listen to radio each week. That’s a huge opportunity. Whether it be a radio advertisement or a session on a weekly program, see how you can get some radio airtime to establish credibility and increase awareness for your services.

A session would a great way to host a Q&A while broadcasting to a large audience. You can even nail down individual meetings with prospects.

Get on a local directory.

Make it easier to be found by getting listed on both online and print directories. Research your local directories and see how you can be listed (see a list of online directories you can be listed on here).

Newsletters are also a good way to generate interest in your services; you can peruse your city’s website to find newsletter opportunities.

Sponsor your own event.

You may consider hosting your own event. This would be best suited as an information session, targeted to seniors turning 65 this year. Invite your best prospects and be the first person to educate them on Medicare.

Doing this gives you a better chance to gain their trust and continue to be their reliable adviser as their Medicare agent going forward. Include a take-away info packet that they can refer back to as they evaluate their options.


Get published.

Getting published is an ideal way to establish authority to prospects and your current customer base. Show your expertise by writing an article or blog post on Medicare. Consider what would be helpful to your prospects and their families, whether it be explaining Medicare options, the enrollment process, etc.

Do your research on local publications you know your target will be reading, including magazines, newspapers, online publications and blogs. Showcase your published article on your website, newsletter and/or social media platforms (like LinkedIn Pulse).


By using some of these ideas, you should be able to establish your local presence, create trust with prospects and effectively nail down new clients while boosting referrals.

Reach more prospects.

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