Insurance Agent’s Guide to Personal Branding

Sep 9, 2016

Instead of people looking for a Medicare agent, what if people were looking specifically for you? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Being an independent agent is all about your personal brand. Your success stems from the image your brand portrays, as well as the strength of that representation–which makes your personal branding efforts all the more important. See how to establish and strengthen your Medicare sales agent brand to get more prospects and close more sales.

What is Personal Branding?

Well, Forbes describes it as a strategy in which:

“You’ll establish a set of identity standards, including a personality and an image, and use those standards as a foundational basis for your marketing and advertising communications.”

Personal Branding for Insurance Agents

So, why should you care? We can sum it up in 3 points. You should care about your personal brand because it:

  1. Helps you get found
  2. Provides value to prospects
  3. Creates sales and referrals

What every agent wants, right? We’ll tell how to create and leverage your personal brand to do just those things.

How to Build a Personal Brand

Walk through the steps below to get started on building your Medicare broker brand strategy.

What does your personal brand represent?

Don’t just think “reliable insurance services”. A lot of people can offer that.

What do you bring to the table?

What are your unique skills? Personality traits? Refer to these as your unique selling propositions (USPs). Put those on display. When you do that, you come across as authentic. You’ll be able to relate to people and build trust easier, making it more likely for you to get prospects and close sales.

Where should you place your brand?

Your brand has to be available in the right places to work in favor of you.

When we say “your brand”, we mean any representation of you. This could be a brochure posted on a community board, a website or your business cards at a local restaurant.

Here are some marketing and advertising venues that can create more exposure for your personal brand:

Expand Your Local Visibility With These 5 Marketing Ideas
  • Local community events
  • Publications read by your target audience (see if you can write helpful articles for your community)
  • Online (be easily found online when prospects are researching)

Tip: Google yourself. Don’t like what you see? Take action to get results that reflect the brand image you want to portray.

How to Strengthen Your Brand

Position Yourself As a Top Broker

Join Us At One of Our Training Events.

Provide value that can’t be matched. Go back to your unique set of skills. This should be your bread and butter. Combine that with great customer service, and you’ll go a long way. Great customer service means being available, knowledgeable and going above and beyond to offer educational resources and tools with the potential to make client’s lives easier.

Be consistent with providing value, and you’ll see how well your brand can work for you (hello referrals!).

Build authority. The best way to get sales is with authority. This means your word on a certain topic holds weight (read: your expertise in Medicare and in choosing the best coverage). You can build your authority a number of ways:

  • Publish an article on the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Host a Q&A on choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan.
  • Run a Medicare info session webinar.
  • Publish an FAQ on common questions you receive as an agent (Think of clients with unique situations and how you were able to offer the best available solution).

Remember, wherever prospects can find you, your brand image should remain consistent. Always project professionalism and place your USPs front and center!

Keep learning. Consistent training will keep you on your toes. Remaining competitive means more than just Medicare training too—it means keeping your sales skills sharp as well.

With these tips, your personal brand will be shining in no time.

Benefit From More Brand Exposure


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