How Insurance Agents Can Win with Video Calls

How Insurance Agents Can Win with Video Calls

Dec 8, 2021

A recent study reported that only 1 out of 10 agencies communicate with their customers via video calls. Zoom, meet agents. Agents, meet Zoom.

2020 sucked away so many perks we came to enjoy, but it also prompted resourcefulness. With seniors being among the most at-risk demographic, traditional lead nurturing means of email and phone calls became the normative communication channels between seniors and agents. However, there is an element of rapport that falls by the wayside without in-person contact.

Using Video Calls for Insurance Marketing

While calls and emails are better than nothing, there is just something about establishing trust and building relationships face-to-face. It provides the opportunity to better establish first impressions, assess character, and readily share information.

It’s no wonder Zoom has been killing it during the pandemic with businesses and teachers flocking to find the next best thing to in-person meetings. It has joined its counterparts of Kleenex and Google as household names.

So, why are only 10% of agencies using this powerful communication tool to interface more with clients and prospects?!


  • Zoom and other video call media, such as GoToMeeting and Google Meet, provide the flexibility of connecting face-to-face and are often free or low cost.
  • In addition to the ability to see and talk to individuals, group video calls can also be conducted which can be ideal for Turning 65 events and Medicare 101 talks.
  • Most video call platforms have a chat function which can be controlled by the agent. This can be helpful for agents to share quick information, invites to social media groups, or provide contact details to video call participants.
  • Live meetings give the agent the ability to read the body language of participants. Are they confused, worried, bored, engaged?


  • Sometimes there can be lag that affects audio and video, and disrupts the flow. This can happen when there is slow internet service or not enough bandwidth among competing devices within the same network.
  • You still can’t shake a hand on a video call.
  • Not being comfortable and practiced with the technology can make for a messy call.
  • The person on the other end may not be versed with video calls.

Quick Tips for Agents Conducting Video Calls

To help make sure your video calls run smoothly:

  • Practice with someone who has never done a video call before. This will provide an opportunity to work through the kinks with someone other than a prospect or client. Share links, mute others on the call, etc.
  • Record your practice video calls and play them back. Make sure your video and audio quality is up to par. Check out the video frame. Do you have a stack of dirty laundry in the background?
  • Act as if you are the video call invitee. Make sure the calendar invite with the link goes through and is set up on the right time zone.
  • A quick fix for lag during a call can be to turn off the video screen, which puts you back at essentially a phone call. Hopefully, you were able to have at least a few moments to see who you were talking with.
  • Make sure your internet network can handle video calls. Do a few speed tests during a practice run.
  • Be patient. This technology may be new for the person on the other end of your video call. Remember, email was new not so long ago.

Consider video calls another tool in your belt. It can be a powerful way to connect with Medicare beneficiaries, gain clients, and care for current ones. While nothing beats a live, in-person meet and greet, video calls are arguably the next best thing and being vastly underutilized by agents.

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