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Crafting The Perfect Sales Pitch for Medicare Sales

Jul 15, 2016

We all know how sales pitches go. They can be nerve racking, and you have just a few moments before a prospect decides to either let you in or shut you out. In just 30-40 seconds you have to capture the attention of a prospect and remain a viable option in their mind—while several others are trying to do the same thing. That’s where the perfect sales pitch comes into play.

Read on to see how to craft the perfect sales pitch to grab your prospect’s attention, and convert them into a client.

The Perfect Sales Pitch

First things first—the perfect sales pitch is less of a “pitch” and more of a two-way conversation in which you find out your potential buyer’s needs. When selling Medicare Advantage, these needs are unique to each individual. Plan your pitch with that in mind.

Start with a good first impression. Whatever medium you choose to connect through, consider these tips:

  • Hook the “problem”. This isn’t necessarily hard to do—Medicare isn’t the easiest subject to navigate through, and usually, assistance in understanding what it is, what’s involved, and what’s required is welcomed. If your prospect already has a plan, the hook would be better coverage and/or potential price savings.
  • Offer a valuable promise (that you intend to deliver). Then demonstrate the value to them–the convenience of a friendly agent finding their best health care coverage, plus the trust of an expert.
  • Be natural and honest. Ask questions and find out about the person. Understand their situation and show interest. Find out how much they know about their options, and if they’ve sought alternatives (whether it be another agent, or another plan). This is the best way to establish trust.
  • Tell a story. Make your sales pitch relatable by integrating a real-life story about a client with similar needs/problems and what they did (i.e. how you helped them) overcome them.
  • Watch your body language. Eye contact, open arms and straight posture. See more body language tips here.
  • Close your pitch with a follow-up plan. Exchange contact information and try and nail down a follow-up appointment.
  • Make your good impression a lasting one. Leave them with something to remember you by. An informational packet is great resource to leave behind. Make sure your business card has all your contact information, including your agent website and social platforms. Make sure both your website and social platforms are optimized and full of great content. If possible, have some testimonials from happy clients for social proof.


Phone Pitches

Phone calls offer a chance to get more leads in less time. When it comes to phone pitches, it’s okay to (naturally) refer to a script.

Here are some tips for crafting the perfect phone pitch:

  • Open the conversation with a clear intro—who are you, how did you get their information and why are you calling? Use their name and be personal. Let them know how long the call will take. If they aren’t available, ask if you can reschedule at a more convenient time.
  • Include a value statement—what’s in it for them? Why should they take your call? Are you going to save them money? If so, how much a year?
  • Ask an engaging question to start a relevant conversation. Find out about their health needs. Let them know their options, and make sure they’re accurately informed.
  • Highlight the key benefits of getting a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan from you.
  • Close by asking for their business. Ask if they are interested in moving forward, when they want their coverage to start, or how soon they want to start saving.


Remember to speak slow, enunciate and communicate clearly. Be relaxed and friendly. And lastly, keep a voicemail script as backup in case they don’t answer.

Sales Pitch No-No’s

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember about your Medicare Advantage sales pitch is what you can’t say or do. Per CMS guidelines, never:

  • Sell an annuity or life insurance policy during a sales pitch for a Medicare health plan.
  • Ask for personal information or payment over the phone.
  • Stop by homes for a sales pitch uninvited.
  • Offer free (or any) meals during a sales pitch or event.
  • Offer gifts to join a plan. (You can provide free snacks or a giveaway item at events or personal appointments, but it can’t be considered a gift for joining.)


See a full list of Medicare sales practices to avoid from here.

Summing it Up

All in all, just be human during your sales pitch. Be sure you’re doing everything you can to be polite, friendly, informative and trustworthy. And remember—practice makes perfect.

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