Insurance Broker Marketing Ideas

3 Creative Insurance Broker Marketing Ideas

Oct 14, 2016

Looking for more visibility? We know, it’s easier said than done. With the competition running high, the need to differentiate yourself as an independent agent remains a constant battle. See how you can conquer more Medicare sales with these 3 insurance broker marketing ideas.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a big opportunity for independent agents. They’re efficient and cost-effective to make. Plus, they increase your online visibility and help create and close sales. Independent insurance agents can use the power of YouTube to leverage video marketing.

YouTube videos are a good idea for a few reasons. First, when done right, they make you look good. They show you’re involved and that you know what you’re talking about. You give people a chance to get to know you while putting your presentation skills on display. They make great presentation practice, too.

Get a Complete Guide to Personal Branding for Independent Agents

YouTube videos also help you “get found” online while putting your best foot forward. You have the opportunity to introduce a professional brand based on knowledge and education.

Educational marketing content is successful because it promotes your brand without being pushy. Create some videos breaking down Medicare, enrollment and plan options and promote them among your target market. Client testimonials are another great video idea for insurance agents.

All in all, video marketing allows agents to nurture leads, no matter what stage they’re at in their buying cycle. A good YouTube video will help build long-term exposure and credibility for your personal brand.

Event Marketing

Okay, we know events in themselves aren’t exactly an innovative marketing venture. But, they are effective in creating personal relationships with prospects that leads to more sales. The key is throwing creative events that people actually want to attend. At AGA, our events department makes that easy.

Our events are more imaginative than the typical “Medicare 101” event. We focus on putting our agents in front of prospects, where they’re likely to be. Our events and compliance departments work closely to ensure you never miss a step. Plus, way pay the full bill.

Here are just some of the events our agents can benefit from:

  • Socials (ice cream, coffee, cupcake, cookie, etc.)
  • Birthday parties
  • Bingo
  • Craft day
  • Dance class

Have Another Marketing Idea in Mind?

Article Marketing

Writing is an excellent way to showcase your expertise, strengthen your brand and get leads.

Here are some topics you can consider exploring:

  • The “need to know” on turning 65
  • Difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • What are Medicare Supplement plans?

Need somewhere to write? You could start out with LinkedIn Pulse. You may also consider reaching out to some well-known publications targeted to the baby boomer generation. Find out which blogs you can write for or who accepts articles.

Always be sure to leave your contact info at the bottom of your post with an attractive call-to-action like, “See how much you can be saving with a free benefits review”.

The promotion of your content is just as critical as the content itself. Aim for maximum exposure. Share all your blogs and articles with your friends, family, clients and prospects. Unsure of your writing skills? Check out these blogging tips.

This Could Be Your Agent Website

Or, if you’d rather steer clear of writing altogether, you can sign up for our agent website which includes quality articles, images and even video.

Good luck, agents!


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