Secure Bigger Sales with these Insurance Agent Tips

Nov 25, 2016

Want a successful career as an insurance agent? Or, been in the field for a few years and feeling stuck? We’ve got just what you need. Check out our best insurance agent tips to use at any stage of your career to get you focused and gearing up for top success.

Build a Strong Foundation

The first step in any budding career is having a firm foundation to grow. Here some mantras you should master in your first few years as an insurance agent:

  • Be professional. This goes without being said, and yet we all know that one agent. Always dress the part and be polite. Avoid pushy sales tactics and always practice compliantly.
  • Learn from others. Yes, insurance is a competitive field. But it’s also a field that’s about relationships. Get to know your peers and see what you can learn from them. (AGA makes this easy with our many agent events.)
  • Hone your customer service skills. If you’re not yet comfortable having a dialogue with your clients, keep practicing until you’re there. Like we just mentioned—insurance is about relationship building. The strong client relationships you create can last a lifetime.

    Customer service → Client satisfaction → Long-term relationships + Referrals

  • Get trained. Practice makes perfect. Learn everything there is to know about your insurance products, and then some. Have unique insight on what’s currently going on in your industry. Know your facts. Be compliant.

    Remember—the learning never ends. Get used to consistent training now because you’ll always be relying on it to remain competitive and knowledgeable within your niche.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage in Medicare Sales

    See How

    Be persistent. Success isn’t made overnight. It takes determination and strong work ethic. Don’t give up!

Master Sales & Marketing

It’s important for brokers to always remember what insurance is: sales. And you’re selling more than your insurance products too—you’re selling your brand. Here’s our advice for nailing your sales and marketing:

  • Define your personal brand. You have to know it to sell it. Figure out what your personal brand represents and make it your competitive advantage. When it comes to your brand, consistency is key.
  • Be compliant. Whatever insurance niche you choose, know and follow the rules.
  • Consider a Field Marketing Organizations (FMO) partnership. An FMO’s purpose is to help agents reduce overhead so they can focus on selling. If you’re hoping to team up with an insurance marketing organization, look for one that will best allow you to focus on your bread and butter while helping you remain compliant across all your sales and marketing channels.

    You can easily compare your FMO options with AGA’s FMO Comparison Checklist.

Have a Strategy

You gotta know where you’re going. Develop a vision for your insurance career with these tips:

  • Develop a pipeline of leads. If you want to continually expand your client base, you’ll need many lead sources instead of just one or two. (A good FMO will also help on this front.)
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses. Being an independent can get expensive. Know what’s necessary and what’s not. Cut out what’s not working and focus your dollars on what is.For more tips on reducing independent agent expenses, check out this blog post: Costs of Becoming an Insurance Agent That Could Swallow You Whole
  • Think long-term. Where do you want to be in a few years? What do you need to do to get there? Always be thinking ahead.

Have a question on insurance or Medicare sales? Our team can help—leave your comments below!

Grow. Build. Succeed.

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