4 Highly Effective Tips to Selling Medicare Over the Phone

4 Effective and Practical Tips for Selling Medicare over the Phone

Sep 6, 2021

Face-to-face interactions in sales are great, but what happens when you aren’t able to connect with a client in person? In 2020, that became a reality for a lot of independent insurance agents forcing many to return to the basics – selling over the phone. The good news is, that selling Medicare over the phone can be just as successful as selling in person. The even better news? We’re going to give you our top effective and practical tips on how you can be successful selling insurance via phone. So, whether you are a seasoned agent looking to brush up on your phone selling skills, or a new agent just embarking on your Medicare sales journey, keep reading to find out our top 4 effective tips on how to be successful selling Medicare insurance over the phone.

Tips to Selling Medicare over the Phone

1. Get Organized

The first thing you will want to do is get your space organized. The great thing about phone sales is it can be done from anywhere (car, home, office, hotel, etc.). Wherever you choose to make your sales calls you will want to make sure you have the essentials organized and ready to go to help along the way. Some helpful items include:

  • Hands-free headset
  • Notepad and pen
  • Computer or tablet
  • Water

2. Be Prepared

Before engaging with a client over the phone it is important to be prepared for the call.  If your client has indicated they are interested in Medicare Advantage plans, have available plans in their area ready to go.  Use the information you have about your client to prep for the call. The more prepared you are the less scrambling you will have to do during the call.

If this is a new client, have AGA’s Agent Portal CRM up and ready to go on your screen to take note of important information.  

3. Develop a Script

Another way to prepare for an insurance sales call is to develop a script. This doesn’t have to be a word-for-word script to follow. In fact, it’s better that it’s not so you don’t come off as impersonable or robotic.  Instead, use the script as a reference to guide you through the call. Think about the important information you want to get across to the client. Consider frequently asked questions and have answers to those questions recorded for easy reference.

Ideally, you should have multiple scripts readily available for different products and situations. For example, you should have a Medicare Supplement sales script with pertinent information pertaining specifically to Medicare Supplement clients. Think about the information you need to convey to the client right away.

For more information on how to craft the perfect sales pitch visit our blog post, “Crafting The Perfect Sales Pitch for Medicare Sales.”

4. Build Rapport

Last, but not least, you should always strive to build a strong rapport with the client. This can be a bit challenging over the phone but is still possible and very necessary. Having good rapport with a client can lead to a strong and lasting relationship and potential referrals down the road. Here are a few simple ways you can build rapport over the phone:

  • Be punctual.  Not only is being on time for a call a sign of professionalism, but it also conveys respect, trustworthiness, and credibility.
  • Embrace small talk.  No one likes the feeling of being “sold.” Rather than jumping into business right away, take a little bit of time for small talk. This can help the client feel more comfortable and open to discussing their health concerns.
  • Listen carefully. There’s nothing worse than being on the other end of the phone with someone who is not listening to your needs. Listen to your client’s needs. Use phrases like, “I understand” or “I hear your concerns” to reassure them you are listening.  
  • Don’t overpromise. Stay realistic with the expectations you give your clients. If you are unsure, let the client know. It’s always better to come back with the correct answer than to have to take back what you said.

Final Takeaway

Selling Medicare over the phone can be just as successful as other sales methods. Set yourself up for success by getting organized, preparing for the call, polishing your sales script, and building rapport.  


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