Fire Up Medicare Sales with these 11 Facts about Seniors

11 Facts about Seniors to Fire Up your Medicare Sales

Jul 13, 2020

When it comes to increasing Medicare sales, knowing your target audience and how to reach them is critical. Seniors 65 and older are spending much more time-consuming media now than ever before. This is your opportunity to boost your marketing plans and focus on the ideal medium for your ideal clients. Seniors are engaging on social media, playing online games, browsing the internet, and have a lot of time to spend watching television. Right now, using different media outlets to your marketing advantage is the way to go.

  1. 22 million enrolled in Medicare Advantage.In 2019, 61 million people enrolled in the Medicare program. About one-third of seniors who are Medicare beneficiaries are also enrolled in Medicare Advantage.Total Medicare Advantage Enrollment
  2. Around 45% of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare do not review or change their plan.In fact, the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey found that almost half of the seniors enrolled in Medicare rarely reviewed their options. Also, around 35% believed it was too difficult to review or change plans. This is a huge opportunity for independent brokers to serve and educate Medicare beneficiaries.
  3. Seniors ages 65 to 69 are much more likely to use new technology.In contrast, PEW Research says seniors 80 and older are only half as likely to use the internet. Use this info to leverage Medicare sales.
  4. Seniors are spending most of their time using technology.According to the most recent data, people in the United States over the age of 65 are spending 50 hours per week watching television alone. That’s roughly 7 hours each day someone over 65 is spending watching television. Marketing through ads on television would be ideal if financially feasible as this is where most of their time is spent.
  5. 12 hours each week listening to the radio.Radio is still a big part of the life of a senior. The younger demographic may be mostly listening to streaming music, but that is not the case with Americans over the age of 65.
  6. 11 hours per week on their smartphones and 5 hours per week on their tablets.Overall, 60% of their time is spent either on websites that are related to search, community and portals, or something other than entertainment. Utilizing popular search phrases in ads is a great way to get your message in front of seniors since this is where most of their time is being spent.
  7. 40% of adults in the United States over 65 use at least one social media site.Seniors are spending around 6 hours a week on their preferred social media. While that does not sound like a lot of time in comparison to the amount spent on TV or radio, it’s roughly an hour a day which still provides ample opportunity to create a community and safe space for them around their medical needs.Increase Medicare Sales by Targeting Social Media Use in Seniors
  8. Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular social media sites among the seniors who use social media.In 2019, 38% of those seniors were using YouTube while 46% of them were using Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn have very low percentages of usage. LinkedIn is mostly for finding jobs, and most people over the age of 65 have retired and have no need for a social network related to work.Who Uses Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?
  9. 48% of seniors ages 65 and up in the United States are playing online games.Surprisingly, smartphone and tablet games are more popular than games on the computer. Free versions of smartphone and tablet games often come with ads. These ads are shown every time someone completes a level or moves on in the game and could be a great way to market what you have to offer.
  10. Audio and video media usage on smart devices among seniors is 36%.Seniors are more likely getting their audio from radio and television, as those numbers are much higher.Audio/Video Media Usage
  11. Once seniors are online, they engage frequently.75% of the seniors who are online make the internet part of their daily routine, and 51% of that group uses the internet more than once a day. Smart device owners tend to be online more than those who only have a computer for internet access.Internet Usage Among Seniors

Start Increasing Medicare Sales Today

Leisure time for seniors is becoming more about technology. They are spending more time online, listening to the radio, and watching television. Getting half of your marketing/advertising budget paid for will empower dollars to stretch much farther regardless of the medium you choose to use to run advertisements. You have the power to get the Medicare sales you want!

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