Top Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents to win big in 2020

Top Marketing Ideas for Independent Insurance Agents 2020

Sep 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate around the world. With Coronavirus remaining a real threat to health and safety, especially to that of seniors, Independent Insurance Agents have had to adapt to a new way of conducting business.

With many states prohibiting in-person events, traditional prospecting is no longer a viable option for many. However, the good news is healthcare coverage is still a top priority for seniors, and given the current circumstances, they’ll be looking a lot closer at their coverage this year.

Through digital marketing tools and creative advertising efforts, agents can still garner success in a predominantly virtual environment. Keep reading for our Top 2020 marketing ideas for Insurance Agents.

1. Host a Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are the perfect substitute for in person meetings. They allow you to ”meet” online, while remaining socially distant, which is exactly what we need for 2020. Agents can use various platforms to meet one-on-one with clients who have specific questions, or they can host seminars to discuss specific topics.

Pro Tip:  Create an email marketing campaign to advertise and drive traffic to your virtual meetings.  

2. Schedule a Facebook Live

The Facebook Live feature is also a great tool for hosting virtual meetings and requires zero setup for your audience. All your viewers need to do is be on Facebook while you’re broadcasting. That’s it! Use Facebook Live to cover frequently asked Medicare questions. Here are a few common FAQ’s you can discuss:

  • Has Medicare’s enrollment process changed in response to COVID-19?
  • What information do I need to enroll in Medicare online?

Pro Tip:  Find out when your audience is online and schedule your Facebook Live during that time.

3. Create a Facebook Lead Form

Utilizing a Facebook lead form is a great way to pull prospective clients into your pipeline. You can use a lead form at its most basic level, like for requesting a quote or more information. You can also get creative and use a Facebook lead form as an ad to sign prospective clients up for a free educational Medicare 101 session.

Pro Tip:  Use A/B split testing to find out which lead form provides the best results.

4. Develop a YouTube Marketing Strategy

According to Forbes, by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.  We already know that the amount of senior users on YouTube is increasing at a rapid pace, which is why a YouTube marketing strategy is a must for 2020. Build a channel and increase your followers by providing highly useful content such as “How to Choose a Medicare Plan” or, create a YouTube commercial introducing yourself.

Pro Tip:  Promote your YouTube channel on other social platforms or in a client newsletter.

5. Utilize Radio Ads

Advertising on the radio is a highly effective way to reach your ideal audience and is one of the marketing ideas for insurance agents that is often overlooked. 94% of seniors are reached every week through radio. Creating a commercial radio ad can help increase your local visibility and bring in more leads. Contact your local radio station to inquire about purchasing radio ad space.

Pro Tip:  Review our Radio Commercial 101 Guide for some valuable tips and tricks.

6. Nurture Current Clients

Happy clients are your best marketing agents.  Make sure you are nurturing your current client relationships by continuing to provide valuable information.  Happy clients are more likely to refer friends and family. One way to nurture clients is by sending an email or postcard for their birthday.  You could also host giveaways, invite them to valuable educational workshops, or engage with them on social media.  Keeping in touch with current clients will help you stay top of mind when a referral opportunity presents itself.

Pro Tip:  Don’t be afraid to ask current clients for referrals and/or testimonials.

7. Reimagine In-Person Events

For those who are still able to conduct in-person events, it is likely they will look much different than before.  More people, especially the elderly, are becoming increasingly cautious of large events.  Instead of hosting big events, try hosting smaller and more intimate events where it is possible to socially distance.  A great idea would be to host an event at a park or an outdoor venue.  Encourage attendees to wear masks and provide other essential PPE to make sure they feel safe and protected.

Pro Tip:  If your budget allows, provide custom branded face masks to those who attend. 

We hope you’ve found our Top 2020 marketing ideas for Insurance Agents helpful.

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