Independent Agent Success - 5 Tips for your First Year!

5 Tips to Gain Success in your First Year as an Independent Insurance Agent

Jan 29, 2021

A career as an independent insurance agent can be extremely rewarding. Like many work-from-home or self-employed professions, independent agent success takes dedication, consistency, focus, and determination. The freedom of being your own boss is exciting, but it comes with responsibilities. Follow these five tips to manage those responsibilities and start your career off strong as an Independent Insurance Agent.

1. Set Reasonable Expectations

We live in an age where we get results fast. Whether it’s from a Google search or a DoorDash delivery, we’re used to getting what we want quickly.

Many new agents also have this outlook when it comes to selling insurance. They see seasoned agents making “X” amount of dollars each year and expect to make that from the get-go, not realizing that the seasoned agent has been putting in the work for years to get there.

As a new independent insurance agent, you can avoid the unrealistic expectation burnout by setting realistic and attainable goals. Rather than focusing on how much money you can make in a month, try focusing on how many calls you can make in a month or how many appointments you can set in a month. Goals like these will set the foundation for achieving your ultimate goal – making money!

2. Find A Good Support System

Sometimes, agents believe that as soon as they receive their insurance license, they’re all set to sell. However, licensing and sales are two very different facets of the whole picture. Without a support system, many agents have a hard time navigating these challenges.

Having a strong support system or mentor is helpful in achieving long-term success in the insurance sales industry. One way new agents can find support is through a field marketing organization, or FMO. At AGA, we offer agents support without captivity.  Here are some examples of how we support agents partnered with us:

  • Lead generation opportunities
  • Event opportunities
  • Continued agent training
  • Marketing support
  • Sales support & more.

3. Take Measured Risks

Many agents who are just starting out are afraid to make a mistake. Thus, they take on fewer risks to avoid failure. Taking risks and making mistakes is necessary, as it helps you learn and grow.

For Independent Agent success in the first year, you’ll need to put yourself out there and take those risks in order to get to the next step. Do your research before you take the risk, but once you have the information you need, be confident and take the leap. Being fearful of making a mistake or rejection will only hold you back from your potential.

Instead of looking at making a mistake as a failure, look at it as an opportunity. Each mistake you make is another lesson learned and remember, the AGA Compliance team is always here if you’re feeling unsure and have a question

4. Develop A Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is important for anyone who’s just starting out and trying to find clients, no matter what niche they are in. Sometimes new agents think that as soon as they receive their license, leads will automatically start pouring in. It takes more legwork than that.

Designing and following a strong marketing plan is essential for any agent. Without a marketing plan, your potential clients won’t know that you are available to work with them. There are many ways you can market yourself as an independent insurance agent. It’s important to sit down and develop a plan that fits your budget and your goals.

Find out how you can get 50% of your Marketing Budget Paid For

5. Stick To A Schedule

Being your own boss is one of the biggest advantages of self-employment, and therefore, it’s a major advantage of becoming an independent insurance agent. However, with self-employment comes a lot of responsibility.

The freedom you have as an independent agent can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s great that you can set your own hours, it can also be very difficult to keep yourself focused and motivated when you’re only accountable to yourself. Many new agents struggle with this freedom and don’t put in enough work to justify the results they want.

Hold yourself accountable through goals. Set a schedule and a target to reach each day. Reflect on the work you did at the end of every week and use it as an opportunity to set new goals for the following week. Another great way to hold yourself accountable is by keeping in contact with a network of individuals in your field. This is a great opportunity to find out what may be working well for others.

Are you Ready to Become the Success Story?

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